A minute a day seek the inner silence!

Pause for a moment and just follow your breath. Notice the silence between your thoughts.

How did that moment feel?

Just being aware of the moment and noticing the silence can be surprisingly calming and rejuvenating.

To begin, take out 1 minute from your busy routine. In that one-minute notice, any thoughts or images that come into your mind. See what is going in your mind in those 60 seconds.

Don’t judge any of these thoughts or images but just practice observing them.

After a few days, start noticing the silences in between your thoughts in that minute, no matter however brief it may be.

Continue this every day and notice if the silences become longer.

Do you feel peace in those silences?

Recognising these silences can give your mind the opportunity to access the calm beneath the tsunami of your thoughts.

Are you ready? Let’s experience the inner silence.

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