We understand you may have many question when seeking counselling and therapy for mental health. We have listed few here, please red through them. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are uncertain or have more questions.  

How long does each counselling session last?

Each session will usually last 50 minutes, which is the standard time for a counselling session. If the meeting is in person this allows you 10 minutes at the end of the session to ensure you leave confidentially. However, the session time can occasionally differ with a session being shorter depending on the goals for the session.

Sessions are offered weekly; however, this can sometimes vary depending on your requirements or stage of therapy. Session frequency will be discussed by your therapist when you attend the first session or when you have a review of goals.

You can expect to pay £50 per 50-minute session. The initial consultation is free of cost. 


We also offer concessions for the students, trainee therapist or for those who book sessions in blocks of 6 sessions, so it’s always worth asking for clarity.


If you have any questions regarding the cost of counselling, reach out to the counsellor you want to work with and ask them more. They’ll be happy to explain how it all works and what the cost involves.

The consultation session is free of cost. Weekly session payment may differ depending on the agreement of the sessions. As a standard process, payments are required to be made at least 24 hours in advance of the session. Block session payments are made 24 hours before the first session. Payments can be made via Bank transfer, Paypal or cash payment.

We recommend taking sessions in person. However, we also offer online session. 


We offer face-to-face counselling sessions in a comfortable room in Hamilton, Glasgow or Coatbridge. 


We also remote counselling sessions via Microsoft Teams or Google Meet video call.

Sessions are available at various times of the week including evenings and Saturday mornings.

Please fill out the form here and provide your availability and we will reach out for a consultation and discuss the session information in detail.

We offer both short-term and long-term counselling. Instead of a fixed number of sessions, we prefer to tailor the number of sessions for each individual based on their specific needs. While sessions typically occur once a week, this frequency can be adjusted to accommodate your circumstances. We always suggest starting with six weekly sessions and if these prove helpful then we continue.

It is crucial for us that you feel comfortable working with the therapist. Based on our experience, we believe that the most effective way to determine the suitability of therapy, a specific therapist, or a therapy approach is through an initial consultation appointment. We endeavour to provide comprehensive information about our therapists and the issues they address on our website. This way, when you meet your therapist, you can have a meaningful discussion about your therapy goals.


The initial meeting provides an opportunity for us to become acquainted and to see if you feel comfortable about working with me. The meeting lasts approximately 30 minutes and allows you to ask any questions about the therapy process or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). It is also a chance for me to get to know you a little, and if you like you can tell me about what has brought you to counselling although I do not expect you to delve into extensive detail given the time constraint. You are free to tell me as much or as little as you like. At the end of the session, we will take some time to reflect on the potential of working together, and if you wish, we can schedule a follow-up appointment for the upcoming week.

Confidentiality is a fundamental ethical principle that underpins the therapeutic relationship, allowing you to feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues without fear of your information being disclosed. Hence, at North Star Counselling and Therapy, sessions are held confidentially and information is collected, stored and discarded as per the GDPR. We do not share information with your GP, family member or employer until you are ready to do so, if at all. In the rare event that your therapist believes it is necessary to communicate with other professionals, they will discuss this with you first.

Therapy is a unique journey for each individual, and its duration is unpredictable. The nature of counselling is such that individuals may sometimes feel worse before experiencing improvement, as therapy may involve exploring long-buried painful emotions. Again, this is different for everyone, and your focus in the sessions may vary. Your therapist will have regular reviews throughout your time together, to give you a chance to reflect on the progress of the counselling sessions.

The BABCP stands for The British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies.

The BABCP is one of the largest professional membership organisations for counsellors and therapists in the UK, providing an ethical framework for good practice for counsellors and therapists, and information and guidance for people who access therapy.
I abide by their Ethical Framework for Good Practice.

We can offer online therapy sessions for individual who are unable to attend in person sessions in or outside UK. Please talk to your therapist about where you are located for the sessions and they will be able to talk to you about the legal position for sessions.

If you have more questions, that’s totally fine, we will do our best to answer them for you. 


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